Protocols for the Shrine

Since Baltimore City has removed the remaining protocol restrictions as of July 1st and in accord with the latest protocol revisions by the Archdiocese, the following changes are now being implemented in all Archdiocesan parishes:


  • Churches are now allowed to return to full seating capacity.  All the pews in the church are now open to be used and the tape for spacing has been removed.  You may use all pews for seating as you wish.
  • Holy water fonts are now filled and able to be used.
  • Collections will be taken up with the passing of the collection baskets as was done prior to the pandemic restrictions.
  • Also, in accord with the advice of the Archdiocese based on the latest guidance of the Center for Disease Control, we will no longer be keeping the windows open when the heating or air conditioning systems are running.  Our system pumps in fresh air from outside and does not solely recirculate the air in the building, and this should provide sufficient ventilation.   This will also help make the church more comfortable in these hot days and avoid damaging the system by over working it.