Happy Retirement, Bernetta!


Our Pastoral Associate for Youth Religious Education and Formation, Bernetta Palasik, is retiring in September and her position will be assumed by our Pastoral Associate, Steve Cox. Bernetta has served our parish for nearly nineteen years. For six years she taught in the school and has directed youth religious education for the past thirteen years. Beyond her contribution as a religious educator, she has been a gentle and positive witness of faith to our community and has touched the hearts of many with her kindness. While she will be missed as a part of our pastoral staff, Bernetta will continue to be a part of our parish family.

I want to personally thank her for the support she has given me since I came here as pastor and for the professional competence and pastoral sensitivity she brought to the religious formation of our youth. 

Unfortunately, due to the situation created by the coronavirus pandemic, we will not be able to hold a thank you reception for her at this time, the way we would normally do. So I invite you all to give your personal expressions of gratitude to her and we will have the public reception she deserves in the coming year when conditions allow.

Fr. Au

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