Ministry Schedules

Livestream Committee

    5pm 11:30
21st Sunday - Aug 22/23 Chrissy/ Rizha Andy
22nd Sunday - Aug 29/30 Rizha Rose
23rd Sunday - Sept 5/6 Chrissy Rizha
24th Sunday - Sept 12/13 Andy Rose
25th Sunday - Sept 19/20 Rose Chrissy
26th Sunday - Sept 26/27 Rizha Andy


  5pm 11:30
27th Sunday Oct 3/4 Chrissy Rose
28th Sunday Oct 10/11 Rose Chrissy
29th Sunday Oct 17/18 Rizha Andy
30th Sunday Oct 24/25 Rizha Andy
31st Sunday Oct 31/Nov 1 Chrissy Rose
32nd Sunday Nov 7/8 Rizha Rose
33rd Sunday Nov 14/15 Andy Chrissy
34th Sunday Nov 21/22 Rizha Andy
1st Advent Nov 28/29 Rose Chrissy


Eucharist Minister, Lectors, & Altar Server Schedules


**NOTE for Summer 2020:  It is very important to note that for now I will be using this above schedule to assist in creating weekly schedules.  Each week I will be in touch with those involved for the upcoming weekend, to confirm whether you are still willing and able to serve.  The weekly schedule is the one everyone should follow.  

In addition, although altar servers are on this schedule, we are NOT using altar servers at this time.  Further, we will NOT be using wine at Mass at this time, but we will need all of our Eucharistic Ministers to dispense Communion Hosts throughout the main church, the chapel, undercroft, and Marian garden.

Thank you for your patience and graceous cooperation so far! ~ Laura Dugan

Thank you for your volunteer service and extra attention during this reopening time!

Laura will be emailing the schedules for each week as we begin to reopen, specifically asking everyone to confirm whether they are still available or if you weren't scheduled to offer additional service, if you can.  

We will need extra volunteers to help with these below new tasks, so if you can do so when you are coming to a mass when you have not be assigned as a minister, please let us know (contact Laura Dugan) if you will be able to fill in to help with any of these needs!

Thank you!   Fr. Au

Altar Servers

We will not have altar servers when we first reopen.  More to come as we determine needed structures when altar servers will return.


Greeters, we are relying on you to be a friendly face as our parishioners are welcomed back into our building!  You will need to also be wearing a face mask at all times, but ask you to help everyone feel comfortable with the new procedures that need to be in place.

Please open the doors, and leave them open during the full time of Mass, so that no one needs to touch handles as they enter and exit.  Also, a greeter must always be stationed near the collection baskets/ boxes for security and to take the collections to the sacristy when people have left the church.

Greeters will need to be more active directing people to follow the seating arrangements.  The pews are already marked off to keep people seated with necessary physical distancing, and we will need you to ask people entering the pew to move in so others using the pew do not have to step over them to get their seat.

You'll need to ensure that parishioners are guided (politely, no need to be rigid) to remember:

  • Keep social distancing - keep 6 feet apart as they enter the church, find their seats, get in line for Communion, and exit.
  • Wear masks at all times upon entering the church
  • Use hand sanitizer when necessary (there will be sanitizer available in central locations, and also parishioners are encouraged to bring their own)
  • Not to step over each other as they rise to receive the Eucharist, but if someone isn't receiving the Eucharist to step out and far away to let others safely pass, or consider staying in the line yet asking for a blessing instead of the host.
  • There will be no offertory collection, but donations should be placed in the centrally located baskets and boxes or electronically via the in-pew postcards.
  • There will be no Order of Worship or bulletins.  Bulletins can be accessed online or on the My Parish App.
  • There will be no sign of the peace.


Church Marked for Social Distance


  • The lectors for the first and second reading will use the normal pulpit that they typically use.  The cantor will be reading the Prayers of the Faithful and ending announcements from the cantor podium, so as not to share the "signing" podium with any lectors.
  • When you go up to the pulpit to read, please use hand sanitizer before you read/ touch the Bible.  There will be hand sanitizer to the right of the pulpit on a little table for you to use.
  • Remove your mask before you start reading, and then replace it back on when you are done and before you return to your seat.

Eucharistic Ministers

We will only be distributing Communion using the host and no wine. However, all of those who are currently assigned on the schedule will still be needed, as we have multiple locations now to distribute the hosts. 

We have purchased face shields for each Eucharistic Minster, which will need to be worn in addition to a cloth mask, while distributing Communion.  You will have one for yourself that you will need to take home and sanitize after each use in church.  More details to come, after we begin to reopen, on how to claim your face shield.

  • In the main sanctuary the celebrant and #1 assigned minister will give communion to those coming up the center isle of the church
  • The #2 assigned minister will give communion to those in the chapel
  • The remaining #3- #5 ministers (depending on the mass) will bring communion to those in the undercroft and, if application, outside in the garden (11:30 and weather permitting only)


Protocol for Distribution of Communion during Phase I

  1. A small table that is large enough to accommodate a corporal, a purificator, hand sanitizer and room for the ciborium will be set near each Communion station.  Eucharistic Ministers are to use hand sanitizer prior to distributing the host.
  2. The ministers will be provided a face shield to use while giving communion.
  3. Holy Communion may not be distributed with gloves, nor may it be received in the hand if a member of the faithful is wearing gloves.
  4. It is strongly recommended that communicants receive in the hand. If the minister of the Eucharist senses that his/her finger(s) made contact with a person’s hands or mouth, he/she should pause, place the ciborium on the corporal, and use hand sanitizer. This process is repeated as often as is necessary during the distribution of Holy Communion. It is not necessary, however, to use hand sanitizer between each communicant, unless physical contact is made.
  5. At the conclusion of the distribution of Holy Communion, the priest and any ministers return the remaining hosts to the tabernacle, remove the small table, and then use hand sanitizer.