Guidelines for Attending Mass

Updated:  AUGUST 28, 2020

Current Status: Weekend services + Daily services have resumed! 

To our parishioners, friends, and all who will join us for worship and prayer:


We are thrilled to welcome you back into your church Come if You're Readyfor services!  (See Father Bill's welcome back video)  Baltimore City has provided approval to hold religious services, at a limited capacity and with restrictions in place. See Father Bill's message regarding being open to moving to a different area of the church if we reach capacity.  Please read the below carefully and be prepared to observe the following protocols and procedures as they are mandated by the Archdiocese and our civil authorities, and represent the consensus of the medical community. 

These procedures and restrictions are important to protect ourselves and each other during this time of coping with the coronavirus pandemic, which is still very much present. We are taking every precaution to make your participation in prayer and worship here a safe one.  We are looking forward to when we can safely worship without such strict protocols. Yet until then, let us cooperate to keep us all safe.

If you still don’t feel comfortable coming to Mass, please join us in prayer at home. We have the Virtual Parish connection on our website, where we live stream Mass on Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 11:30am.

We will remain together in faith, hope and love, and we will all be together again worshiping in our beautiful church.

In Christ’s Peace, Fr. Au

Weekly Schedule

Weekend Masses

Regular times: 5pm Saturday + 7:30 am, 9 am & 11:30 am on Sunday.  The church, chapel and undercroft have been marked off to allow limited capacity seating with appropriate physical distancing. Please follow the instructions of the greeters and observe the marking of available seating. We will fill the church first, then the chapel, and then the undercroft.

  • The Undercroft is open for all Masses, with seating that is socially distanced and a  large screen TV for viewing the current live Mass. Communion will be brought to those in the Undercroft.
  • Outside options at 9am and 11:30 am Sunday masses, weather permitting, we will have a loud speaker in the church garden to allow those who wish or who cannot find seating in the church to be outside. Communion will be brought to those in the garden. You will need to bring your own chairs or blankets for sitting if you wish, and there are two large tents to protect you from the sun. Please follow the instructions of the ushers for reception of communion.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturdays at 4pm, prior to the 5pm mass. Two chairs will be set up in the sanctuary with appropriate separation for use by the priest and those wishing to go to confession. No one else  will be allowed in the sanctuary at this time to allow for the needed privacy. If you wish to go to confession at this time, please sit in the church observing the marked off seating arrangements and come up one at a time when the person before you leaves the sanctuary. If the priest must stop to prepare for mass before all who wish have been able to go to confession, please see the priest after mass to hear your confession.

Weekday Services

Weekdays at Noon.  Each weekday either Mass or a communion service will be offered at noon in the main church sanctuary (we do not anticipate using the chapel, outside, or undercroft for daily services).  The same procedures as listed above and below are to be followed.

Preparing to Attend Mass

Moving about the Church

Church Marked for Social Distance

  • We have marked off the church and chapel pews to allow six feet distancing using every other pew.  We have also set up chairs in the undercroft with the same distancing.  Our procedure will be to fill the 1. church first, 2. chapel second, and 3. undercroft third. 

    Outside Tents
  • For the 9am and 11:30am Masses, when weather permits, we are audio broadcasting the mass through a sound system outside to the Marian Garden.  When the weather allows for seating outside, you will need to bring your own chairs and/or blanket, maintain social distancing requirements, and wearing a mask is strongly recommend.  There are tents for shade from the sun.

  • It is required that anyone attending mass inside OR outside the church must wear a mask or face covering.  In order to comply with Governor Hogan’s mask mandate, to safeguard the health of our parishioners and community and to assure the continuance of public Mass, we ask you to wear a face mask when exiting your vehicle upon arrival at our church until you return to your car. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.Anyone refusing to do so will be required to leave the building. 

    Wear a Mask to Church
  • It is important to also observe proper physical distancing upon entering and exiting the church. If the option of outdoor attendance is available, it is still necessary to maintain the required social distancing and wear your mask or facial covering.


Reception of Communion

  • In the church, the center aisle is marked off with six foot intervals. Communicants are to come up the center aisle and go to one of two communion stations on either side of the aisle and return by the side aisles. Anyone receiving Communion in the undercroft or outside are to follow the instructions given you on how to come forward for Communion.
  • It is strongly requested that you receive Communion in the hand. Remove your mask from covering your mouth, hold out your hand to allow the minister to drop the host in your hand, and then put the host in your mouth and recover your face with your mask.
  • If you feel the need to receive Communion on the tongue, you must observe the proper manner of reception: hold you head back and extend your tongue in a manner that allows the minster to drop the host on your tongue without the likelihood of touching you. Otherwise, you will not be given Communion on the tongue and will have to take it in your hand.
  • Ministers will sanitize their hands before giving out Communion.  If they touch the person receiving Communion, they will stop and re-sanitize their hands.  Communion ministers will stop and sanitize their hands each time after having given communion on the tongue.


During the Mass

  • Collection baskets/ boxes will be placed in the back of the center isle of the church and up front in the chapel. You will be alerted to the placement of the collections in the undercroft and outside as those areas are made available. You are asked to please drop your offering in the basket or box as you enter or leave. There will be NO offertory collection and NO passing of the basket .  Donations are asked to be made electronically if possible.
  • There will be no orders of worship or bulletins handed out. Digital weekly bulletins are available on MyParish App and on the website.
  • There will be no congregational singing at this time. This is on the recommendation of medical experts given the spread of air-borne viruses with group singing, and has been mandated by the Archdiocese.  We will, however, be able to have the cantor sing to allow for the beautiful worship that song and music bring to the service.  Since the cantor is more than 12 feet away from the first pew, they are able to sing safely without the need to wear a mask.


Keeping the Church Clean

  • Staying SanitizedThe church will be completely sanitized each week and sacristans and volunteers will wipe down the pews with disinfectant between services. Hand sanitizer will be available at entrances, but you are strongly advised to bring your personal hand sanitizer with you to enable you to sanitize your hands as often as necessary.
  • There will be sanitizers available in the rest rooms, as well as disinfectant wipes. Please use these wipes to clean the sink and toilet surfaces before and after using them.
  • THANK YOU to Envirocleanse for their incredibly generous donation of  EPA Category IV disinfectant and sanitizing supplies for our parish!