CFC Christian Life Program Talks

CFC (Couples for Christ) is hosting free talks for the next few weeks via Zoom. All are invited and encouraged to attend! Each session is from 3pm to 5pm. There is no cost to attend and participate!

Anyone interested can contact Alan Deiparine for the Zoom link to attend.

We look forward to you joining us! 

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Module #2: Authentic Christianity 

  • November 7th: Talk 5: Loving God (Christian Ideal) with Sis. Fatima De Castro
  • November 7th: Talk 6: Loving Your Neighbor with Bro. Ben Carino
  • November 14th: Talk 7: Christian Family with Bro. Alan Deiparine
  • November 21st: Talk 8: Living in the Holy Spirit with Bro. Boy de Loyola


Module #3: Living In the Spirit

  • November 21st: Talk 9: Receiving (Baptism) with Bro. Boy de Loyola
  • November 28th: Talk 10: Growing In The Holy Spirit with Bro. Dodot Villamor/Bro. Jerry Delucia
  • December 5th: Talk 11: Mission and Vision with Bro. Norby Perin
  • December 5th: Talk 12: Transformation In Christ (Dedication) with Bro. Val Bracamonte


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