Shrine Parishioner on Attending Mass

A message from Don Litz, Shrine Parishioner (and parish picnic host!):

I’ve been coming to the Shrine for over 60 years – since I went to 5th grade at the school!


This [July 12th] was my first time coming back since COVID and I attended the 9am Mass.  When I pulled into the parking lot, everyone was wearing masks.   The front doors were open so you didn’t need to touch anything to enter.  You were instructed by the ushers where to go, and they did not even need to come close.  There weren’t too many people there, yet even so, everything was sectioned off so there was no close contact with anyone else.

The windows were open and the air conditioning was on, so there was cross-through fresh air ventilation.  It felt very comfortable and I was just so glad to be back! The whole procession, hearing the homily, being in the Church!  I encourage everyone to attend again and know they can feel very safe.  Even the Marian Garden was open for those who wanted to sit outside.

It was a great experience and I was glad to be back! Can’t wait until next Sunday to return.