Weekly Bible Study/Book Discussion

Marian Garden, under a tent - bring your own chair

Event Details

Each Tuesday this fall at 2:00 PM, (changed from 5:00 previously) there will be a book discussion group meeting outdoors in the Marian Garden. We will be reading and discussing St. Paul's letter to Philemon. 

We'll meet under the garden tent, and please bring your own chair or blanket!

Contact Steve Cox in the parish office for additional information AND sign up for the text list on Flocknotes to receive updates each Tuesday for any updates on weather or other necessary changes.

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St. Paul's letter to Philemon

In this short letter, St. Paul appeals to Philemon to take back his runaway slave, not just as a slave but as a brother in Christ. Onesimus (Colossians 4:9) had run away and found Paul imprisoned (1:10, 1:13), and became a convert under Paul. Paul decided to send him back to his master Philemon in Colossae in Asia Minor.

While this letter of Paul to Philemon may be brief, it is quite important, for it urges the treatment of slaves with brotherly love, a principle that will ultimately put an end to slavery, the custom of Roman times. Verse 14 speaks of free will. Paul is hopeful to visit Philemon for he asks him to keep a guest room for him (1:22). In addition to Epaphras (who evangelized Colossae - Colossians 1:7) and the others, the Final Greeting is noteworthy as it identifies both Mark and Luke as his companions and fellow workers.