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  During this time of Covid, please refrain from coming to Mass if you are not feeling well, especially with Covid-like symptoms, and remain home until your symptoms have passed.  Thank you.


Ultraviolet Filters Church HVAC System

As part of our efforts to maintain a worship space that is safe and comfortable during this time of coping with the COVID pandemic, we have installed Ultraviolet light filters on our air conditioning and heating system. Our research has indicated that such UV lighting is effective in killing bacteria and viruses, as well as mold and other forms of fungi. Thus, the use of these UV filters will significantly purify the air coming out of the blowers to heat and cool the church.

We cannot continue to keep the church windows open during services due to the fact that this is overtaxing our older HVAC system and will cause it to break down and have to be replaced. This would cost around $100,000, which the parish cannot afford. With the installation of the UV filters and continuing to observe the need for wearing masks, we are hopeful that everyone will be able to feel that we are providing a worship environment that is as safe as possible.

Winter Weather

Announcements and Closings

Weekdays: If Baltimore City Schools have canceled school and/or after school events, 12 noon Mass will be canceled as will other scheduled events. Weekends: Please refer to the “Home” page of our website, If such weather occurs on a Saturday, it is likely that the 5pm Mass will be canceled.


Welcome to the Shrine of the Sacred Heart!

The Shrine of the Sacred Heart has a rich history, over 150 years, in Mt. Washington and our parishioners cut across the diverse cultures of Baltimore and the greater central Maryland region. Our pastor, Fr. William Au, and visiting priests have a keen ability to distill our local, national and global challenges and adeptly connect them to the Biblical context in the times of Jesus.  The sermons provide parishioners with practical applications to use faith as a tool in our own contemporary challenges as well as the world we face.  And our community of parishioners offers a full calendar of opportunities to engage and serve in faith.

The Shrine is a welcoming and accepting parish that embraces people from all walks of life and prides itself on spreading Jesus’s message of love. We invite you to join us in person when you are in Mount Washington!

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Women's Prayer Group
Women's Prayer Group

First Sunday of the month at 3pm, and third Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm via Zoom
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