The Shrine


Liturgical Ministries

  • Pastoral Care Ministers visit the sick and homebound.  The Eucharist is taken regularly to Sinai Hospital.  If you are interested in becoming a pastoral care minister, contact Stephen Cox at


  • These individuals are responsible for the recruitment and training of altar servers.

  • The primary responsibility of the Sacristan is to set-up for Mass and takes charge of a variety of pre-Mass details.

  • Boys and Girls (4th grade and up) as well as adults assist in our various liturgies, especially weekend masses.

  • The Primary function of this ministry is the public proclamation of sacred scripture at Sunday Mass.

  • The primary function of this ministry is to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and to bring communion to the homebound.

  • The primary function of this ministry is to plan and execute the liturgical environment for Sundays and season of the Church year. Artists, designers and flower arrangers are great contributors here.

  • The primary function of the altar society is to clean and maintain the sanctuary furnishings, including altars, sacramental vessels and other sacred objects.

  • The Eucharistic liturgy is the pinnacle of Catholic worship, and the central celebration of The Shrine of The Sacred Heart.  Therefore The Shrine of The Sacred Heart places highest emphasis on Liturgical ministry and its component musical element. Music soothes, excites, challenges and unites us in ways in which words alone cannot.  Through our hymns and acclamations, the singing of our choirs, and the sounds of our instruments, music enables us to touch the deepest mysteries of God as we unite together in prayer.


  • Hospitality Ministers greet parishioners and welcome visitors as they gather for worship. They distribute bulletins, select people to take up the collection and invite persons to carry the gifts to the altar. After Mass, they see that the church is neat and tidy for the next Liturgy.