Our Path Forward | 2020 Annual Appeal

Our Path Forward

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank you for your commitment to Our Parish.  Whether you are making sacrificial donations, volunteering your time or attending weekly Mass, your presence and participation are a blessing!

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This past year has been filled with unexpected twists and turns. Through it all, we have an opportunity before us to pave our path forward. 



Our faith joins us together on a common path.  Milestones on our spiritual journey strengthen our faith community, define us as Catholics, and help guide our path forward. 


We are called by God to be a welcoming, worshipping community of faith, hope and love. As missionary disciples our mission is to be a light brightly visible; to evangelize, to celebrate our faith, to be of service to others, to educate and to be faithful stewards. 


Throughout history Catholics have been leaders in generosity, service to the poor, and sharing God’s grace. We feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, poor and vulnerable, as well as provide spiritual guidance to all. As Catholics we understand that giving back is a way of life. 


Our Parish's Story

Shrine Parishioners - share your story of why you LOVE being here!  How has your faith journey been impacted by being a member of the Shrine? Why do you attend the Shrine?

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Our Path Forward…

The contributions we offer to our parish do much more than provide building repairs and updates. Our sacrifices not only help our local community, but have far reaching impacts.  As we face challenging times it is up to us to continue to support the mission of vision of our local and national church, so that we can better serve our community and the needs of others.

Now more than ever, we are called to collectively strengthen our commitments to our shared purpose. I encourage you to consider moving a step forward on your stewardship path, with an increase in your weekly offering.  I also ask that you share how you are inspired by our parish and why you choose to participate.  I am humbled by and grateful for your support.

Begin or increase your contribution by mailing a check to the office or setting up your donation online.  


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