Prayer List

Pray for Us

Praying for Shrine Parishioners, including those with the Coronavirus

Dear Shrine Parishioners, if you or a loved one are battling the coronavirus and would like to have your/ their name listed for prayers, please submit the name to be listed here.  We invite our parishioners to return to this list and say prayers for all of those listed below.

Those listed who have COVID-19 are indicated with a (c)

Maria Pantina
Luciano Garcia
Yolanda Pinzon
Andrea Meza
Ron Ruiz (C)
Audrey Cox
Ellen Adajian
Wendy Berns
Betty Bodwine
Carroll Celentano
Steve Day
Jerome DeLucia
Jean Dugan
Marisu DeLeon
Felicidad Feiparine
Beverly Frick
Laura Dugan
Dave Earhart
Lisa Ellis
Matthew Godwin
Shelly Godwin
Randy George
Noah Herrick
Russ & Rita Hildebrand
Lawrence Klapka
AJ McKoy
Msgr. George Moeller
Angela Morton
Rick Montoni
Claire Murphy
David Krall (c)
Ben Paepcke
Joan Perrault
Linda Lee Panlilio
Sr Mary Margaret Pignone
Pompei Real
Deanna Ross
Angela Smith
Richard Tobash
Sandra Wilcox
Paul Woods
Pam Wyatt

Prayers of Gratitude

Those we know who have recovered from COVID-19.  Thank you, Lord, for your great blessings of health!

Tom Harris
Fr. James Connor
Melanie Tagaytay
Tricia Bulacan


In Memory

Stephen White +
George Jorda (C) +
Lois Bender +
Boniface Ibe Chukwukere +
Michael Franko +
Rory Schneider +
Greg Bullard (C) +

The Archdiocese of Baltimore has launched a page for those throughout the archdiocese to memorialize their loved ones who have died of the coronavirus and to offer the prayers and support of the entire Catholic community.  If you have lost a loved one and would like to add their name to the Memoriam, please visit: